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Twin Energy

Hybrid module: photovoltaic and solar thermal together! TESP-M72 is one of a wide range branded Sunerg. It is manufactured according to IEC 61215, IEC 61730 standard and CE. High quality materials, 3 BusBar cells with welding induction for long lasting electric performance. The new hybrid technology... Details


Kit consists of photovoltaic modules and solar thermal module of the same size mounted on the same frame, available in black color, other colors gray and brown, for a better architecture integration. A solution that provides hot water and electricity to the house. Details

OPTISUN - Optimizer for self-consumption

The OPTISUN is a safety tested propotional controller designed to automatically divert any surplus energy to a    resistive    loads    up    to    3    kW,    modulating    the  ... Details

DBSUN - Drainback Kit

The DB_SUN is a kit for automatic draining of the solar circuit. As soon as the pump of the DB_SUN is switched off, the collector field runs empty and the solar fluid is collected in the integrated container. When the pump starts running, the solar fluid is transported from the container to the collector... Details

Calor Top 300D(S) - 300 lt heat pump water heater

The    tank    with    heat    pump    series    CALOR    TOP    300D(S)    exploit the thermal energy from the ambient air as a source of heating for domestic hot water.... Details