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SUNKIT STORAGE – The only 3kWp all inclusive with high performance gel batteries

SUNKIT STORAGE-THE ONLY 3kWp ALL INCLUSIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE GEL BATTERIES The kit that lets you have all the energy you want immediately available for instant consumption. The 3 kWp photovoltaic generator generates energy on daytime through the photovoltaic inverter which is immediately available... Details

CALOR SPLIT - Air-source heat pump for DHW and central heating/cooling

CALOR SPLIT air-gy is a reverse cycle air-source heat pump for winter heating, cooling in summer and production of Domestic Hot Water. It uses the inverter technology DC for speed control of the compressor and outdoor fan: high efficiency permanent magnet motor with power and speed adjustement by... Details

Calor Top 200D - Air-source heat pump water heater

The tanks with heat pump series CALOR TOP 200D exploit the thermal energy from the ambient air as a source of heating for domestic hot water. The use of such technology allows to reduce significantly (up to 70%) the cost for the production of domestic hot water safely and easily. Various automatic protection,... Details

QUBO Pellet

QUBO pellets all-in-one! Innovative patent - Everything you want in a single product   QUBO PELLET, the last patent by Sunerg Solar in solar thermal energy, is the solution unique in its ability to encapsulate in a single system 5 uses!   • DOMESTIC HOT WATER • ELECTRICAL... Details


ALUFIX PLUS PROFILE 40X40 ALUPLUM  Alufix Plus Profile 40x40 aluminium EN AW 6060 T6 (UNI EN 755-2:2008) Bar Length : 6,20 ;6,00 ;5,20 ;5,00 ;3,10 ;3,00 ;2,60 ;2,50  To make the order Sunerg Code : ALUPLUM  To download the technical card click here: Details