Energy Optimizer

the Tigo Energy Maximizer system optimizes the power output of each module; delivers module-level data for operational management and performance monitoring and provides the ability to deactivate the high voltage DC bus for safer installation, maintenance or fire fighting. 

TS4-R retrofit

TS4-R is a retrofit solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules,for up grading under performing PV systems or adding smart features to new installations.TheTS4-Rretrofit base can be matched with one of several electronic covers to address a range of functions and budgets.Together... Details


TS4-D Diodes clover Similar to a standard junction box Standardization on basicTS4 base plate Field replaceable and upgradeable Heat dissipation away from the module file_put_contents Details

TS4-M Monitoring

TS4-M cover Reduced O&M costs PV-2.0 data synchronization Module barcode tracking CRM integration Warranty tracking Fleet management file_put_contents Details

TS4-S Safety

TS4-S cover  NEC2014&2017690.12 rapid shut down compliant  Module-level deactivation  Automatic or manual shutdown  Plus all the benefits of Monitoring file_put_contents Details

TS4-O Optimization

TS4-O cover Shade and mismatch tolerance  Enhanced energy yield  Greater design flexibility Maximized roof usage Plus all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring file_put_contents Details

TS4-L Long Strings

TS4-L cover String length increased by up to30% Fewer BOS components  Faster installation  Inverter optimization  Lower wire-losses  Plus all the benefits of Optimization,Safety, and Monitoring file_put_contents Details
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