Boilers for heating integration

Boilers PUFFER and BOFFER series

Boilers of PUFFER and BOFFER series are tanks for hot water storage produced from different energies sources like wood heating boilers, thermo cooking kitchens and chimney. Joints are on the forefront to simplify the connection in array. BOFFER model has a fixed coil to connect solar collectors. Insulation is in smooth polyurethane with a flexible PVC covering.

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Richiedi Informazioni
                          content                     size
PUFFER300        300                 1660X650
PUFFER500        500                  1750X850
PUFFER800        750                  1830X990
PUFFER1000      1000                2080X990
PUFFER1250      1250                2065x1150
PUFFER1500      1500                2120x1200
PUFFER2000       2000               2195x1400
PUFFER3000      3000                2720x1450
PUFFER4000      4000                2860x1600
PUFFER5000      5000                2920x1800
                              content               size   
BOFFER300           300              1660x650
BOFFER500           500              1750x850
BOFFER800           800              1830x990
BOFFER1000         1000            2080x990
BOFFER1250        1250             2065x1150
BOFFER1500         1500           2120x1200
BOFFER2000         2000           2195x1400
BOFFER3000         3000          2720x1450
BOFFER4000         4000          2860x1600
BOFFER5000         5000          2920x1800