Sunerg Solar raises capacity to 100 MW

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Sunerg Solar raises capacity to 100 MW

In a downturn market, Sunerg Solar srl is a safe and wealthy company, and increases its production output up to 100 Mwp/year.

Sunerg Solar, a PV and solar thermal manufacturer based near Perugia (Italy), is outperforming expectations despite weak demand in green economy. After bringing the current production to full speed capacity, Sunerg is building a new modern and high technology production line in its new facilities, upgrading production to 100 Mwp/ year. “Made in Italy” culture, based on passion, high quality and customer engagement, drives Sunerg Solar to its success, employing 100 workers, on a 66 euro millions turnover. Luciano Lauri, CEO, underscores this point: „PV modules are not all the same: in Italy and in our company we produce on a very high quality, and this means great safety for our customers. A Sunerg PV system, unlike many other modules produced by other companies, works perfectly for 20-30 years giving profit to investors and clients. Renewable energies offer opportunities for growth and jobs in the region. However, this also requires the right political framework we hope to come in Italy very soon“. Sunerg Solar recently has been ranked by Photon International Lab as 5th best global producer. Its PV module „XP 60/156 230 wp“ placed in terms of best performance as 7th of 151 products from all over the world.

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